Thursday 31 August 2017

Coming up!

Hi to you all.
My summer has been boiling hot and beautiful and also, passed by very quickly! How was yours?
It is almost September already, and It is the time I write to you what is going on.
As some of you noticed that I miss this month's newsletter. that was first since I start writing newsletter few years ago. It was a few commitments that I told myself  when I started to create digis; two newbies per week, 1 freebie every month, 1 newsletter. It was promise to myself and to the fans who likes TEW's images.
While admitting that everything changes, I wanted to spend less time on creating digis, and more painting and more prints. I realized that I create less digis, I paint less, and also brings less productivity. Luckily there was fans who still come visit the shop and pop out with awesome colouring pieces reminded me that I have created something great past few years, working hard on it.

I am currently working on two freebies for Sept. newsletter, Two picks of review winner and Looks like I can prepare 8000digi sales party. ( It is not too late to write more reviews! ) Plus Deals!

I am pressing restart button on my brain for TheEastWind.

With Gratitude.
Unky AKA Kyra