Tuesday 26 December 2017

Turning Point - Exciting few years and retiring sale.

Hi There folks, 
It is just past midnight on Christmas night.
I had a great Christmas with family and It was very white. I wish all of you had a wonderful Christmas day, not only because of it is Christmas, I would wish the same thing every single day. 
It is just to celebrate it. 

I quit my day job at the end of 2015, I thought I was so ready to move on and do everything on my own. and I created so many works including digital stamps, published coloring books, original drawings, number of paintings at the studios, number of commission portraits, other freelancing works...and list goes on. After Wonderful two years, there are things that I learned about everything else and about myself. I think it was a bold move that I did quit my day job without big cushion, also as a single mother. tho I really wanted to try it.Life is short, right?  So I did, I did make living out of it with some help here and there, but I was constantly worried about financial situation. It was just not so stable. When I was busy working, I didn't think about winter blues or any of that stuff. my body was tired, and any extra time, I was focused on creating. I learned that when I work from home, I do get so depressed in the winter time. I didn't realized until recently, until I listen to some podcast about it. I was just not so stable emotionally. Bummer!! 
Since Winter holiday(that is last Friday) I could actually relax and got time to think about the reality. and I have decided to go find a job. Any job I guess! so I can actually enjoy working on creative passion. So, This is my new year's first mission!. Find a day job! Ahhh I do feel like failure at times. but Oh well, I have a kid to feed and so many more coloring books to publish! 

Okay! So, As a Fresh start, I decided to clear out the store. I have about 450+ images on the shop and I think it is time to let go of some of the old and some even new images. Another thing I realized, It is my style has been changed a bit. so I would love to get rid of some of the images and maybe re-create few. I am putting 70% OFF on 190 items that are going to retire in 30 days. Sale Starts on boxing day at midnight (which is 2 hours from now ) until Jan. 25th, 2018. Direct link here

Lastly, and Most importantly, I think the best attitude is gratitude. I have got to know and be friends with so many wonderful creative ladies in crafting world. and I always get inspired everyday. Thank you and much Love.



  1. I know life can be difficult, especially as a single mother. Been there myself. However, you have a positive attitude and that will take you a long way. Best wishes for a wonderful New Year with your sweet daughter. Hope you find a job that allows you the $$ you need but leaves you the energy to continue to create your beautiful art work!

  2. Hi Unky, being a mum is hard let alone by yourself, being a business woman is hard, so good luck in your journey, Im not the biggest shopper but really appreciate the freebies and love your art so look forward to seeing what the new creative you brings xx

  3. I love you, Kyra!! Never feel like a failure!! Being a mom is hard, and being a single mom is even harder. You take risks and put yourself out there on a daily basis, so you're much braver than I am!